This occupation is found in manufacturing and process sectors. The broad purpose of the occupation is to produce complex high value, low volume components or assemblies in full or part, using machines, equipment or systems, to the required specification. For example, turbines, cranes, gearboxes, production lines, rigs and platforms. Fitters may typically have a mechanical, […]

Level 2 Engineering Operative

Engineering Operatives are predominantly involved in engineering operations which are key to the success of the Manufacturing and Engineering sector allowing employers to grow their business while developing a work force with the relevant skills and knowledge to enhance the sustain the  sector. The role covers a wide range of common and job specific skills […]

Level 2 Print Operative

This occupation is found in the print and graphics communication sector in areas such as printing, packaging, creative and design industries. This can include: magazines, newspapers, books and posters, cartons, packaging, signs and banners personal gifting, such as calendars, photo books and greeting cards, functional printing onto materials other than paper, such as plastics, electronic […]


This occupation is found in a wide range of employers. The employers will typically operate in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products or analytical services. Employers can range in size, from large multinational organisations through to smaller businesses. Technician scientists may operate within a science department of a larger organisation or within a smaller science focussed […]


Science manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including, but not exclusively, chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products and nuclear manufacturing. A science manufacturing technician will operate the systems and equipment, involved in the production of products. They may work in varied conditions including wearing specialist safety equipment, shift work and […]

Level 2 Lean Manufacturing Operative

A Lean Manufacturing Operative will be expected to carry out their work safely and meet the exacting quality standards demanded in a fast paced and efficient processing environment and develop into a multi-skilled operator through process ownership. A lean manufacturing operative can be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications […]