ETCAL Level 3 Award in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation

This qualification upskills existing electricians to be able to carry out the work needed to install EV charging equipment. The qualification enables those with existing electrical skills to diversify into this rapidly growing sector and support the demands of increasing EV car ownership. It’s imperative that EV Car Charging Points are properly connected by qualified technicians and so this qualification provides a benchmark of the skills and knowledge needed to carry out such work.

The rate of installations is set to skyrocket over the next few years which means that many more qualified technicians are needed, driving the demand for those who have the necessary skills.

The qualification aims to provide learners with expert guidance in the knowledge and understanding of Electric Vehicle charging equipment installation in a residential, commercial and industrial locations. The learner will be required to understand, identify and apply statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements in the electrical vehicle charging point environment. It allows learners to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment in the electrical vehicle charging point installation category.

The learner’s responsibilities will require them to comply with all relevant statutory and organisational policies and procedures for health and safety in the workplace. The learner must act in a responsible and safe manner at all times and present themselves in the workplace suitably prepared for the activities to be undertaken. The learner will be expected to report any problems with health and safety issues, to the relevant authority.


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